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Why is it important for Training Academies, Coaching classes, and all educational institutes to have digital presence?

In today’s fiercely competitive education scenario, lakhs of students wish to seek a high level of expert guidance in order to seek better ranks while clearing various competitive examinations across all subject categories. Whether students are studying in Arts or Commerce or Science streams, all have to pass through similar exam preparation hurdles irrespective of which competitive exams they wish to clear with flying colors!

Various Training Institutes, Academies, and Coaching classes are certainly filling this void of providing high quality guidance to their students in terms of subject matter understanding and answering the plethora of questions in a time bound manner which is the essence of passing competitive exams with high marks and ranks. However, students and their parents have a more challenging task of choosing the right caliber Training Institute which not only will fulfill their academic need, but will also be within their easier reach to commute from home without losing a lot of time or getting stressed out or needing to migrate to another city just to achieve that!

This is exactly where any Institute, academy or coaching class will need to make their teaching and course content available via online methods or offline through pre-recorded video lectures based E-Learning content being distributed to students in USB pen drives or DVDs. This gives tremendous advantage to students to study anywhere, anytime as per their convenience as in a virtual classroom training environment. However, Institutes need to safeguard their Intellectual Property of video lectures and other E-Learning content so that it’s is not pirated for free use by unauthorized users across regions.

Benefits to students and parents:

  • No hassled travel to attend classes especially in crowded cities or towns
  • No worries about missing a session or class due to an unforeseen event as it is available to you all the time
  • More attention given by the Institute to improve each student’s performance being tracked by them
  • Study anytime from anywhere at your pace, but still remain in touch with faculties via phone or chat for clarifying doubts
  • No worries about clearing a doubt in front of many students.
  • More time available for self-study
  • For difficult topics, you can watch video lectures again
  • Tests and assessments give quicker results giving more time for remedial measures before the final exams
  • Parents remain more aware of students’ academic performance and feel more satisfied with availing the best coaching.

Benefits to Institute owners:

  • With digital tools and presence across geographies, your best in class content created after a lot of investments can be made available to a large number of students in cities and other areas where physical centers or branches are located.
  • You are able to compete with other institutes or academies with better and organized content and teaching methodologies
  • Updates in content are easily manageable and on time when needed, though your students may be located in distant cities or towns
  • Your best faculties who are not able to relocate to needed cities can deliver lectures due to digital techniques.
  • You are able to create better reputation at a faster pace once you offer best quality course content coupled with quicker on time tests and assessments which are ultimate hallmark of your students’ success in competitive exams!

In our next blog posts, let’s discuss about protecting your IP (Intellectual Property) content such as video lectures and other HTML based e-Learning content to ensure you are able to use piracy prevention methods.

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