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How can you protect your videos from unauthorized acts of copying or uploading over YouTube?


In our earlier blog post, we had discussed about importance of digital presence for Training Academies, Coaching classes, and all educational institutes. In this blog post, let’s discuss about protecting your IP (Intellectual Property) content such as video lectures and other HTML based e-Learning content to ensure you are able to use piracy prevention methods.

You can protect your videos from acts of unauthorized copying and distribution. We have created software solutions based on Digital Rights Management (DRM) methodology. Our specially designed software algorithms will encrypt your videos and apply watermarking techniques so that others can neither copy your valuable intellectual property nor can they screen-capture your videos while viewing it.

You can use our software Recordshield for Copy protection and Distribution of your Videos and E-Learning content.

Why Recordshield?

  • You can distribute video lectures on Pen drive, DVD, or Cloud securely
  • Record Shield’s algorithm will encrypt your videos so that only students authorized by you can watch it after successful authentication

What are the Features offered by Recordshield?

  • Copy protection
  • Auto expiry of video
  • of times one can open a video
  • Controlled view duration of a video
  • Disabling screen capture
  • Video watermarking

What process needs to be followed to distribute videos securely?

It’s a very simple process as shown below:

After publishing, you can create Security keys for users and distribute for their authorized viewing using our Rio player.

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