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Download & Install RioCrypt for Windows
  • System Requirements:
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • DirectX 9.0c or Above.
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or Above (2 GHZ or Above)
  • RAM: 2GB (Usable).
  • NVidia/ Ati / Intel Extreme Graphics with minimum 256MB Video RAM and Core Clock 600 MHz.

How it works ?

  • Organize your Videos in a folder.
  • Download the RioCrypt
  • New user Registration for login into RioCrypt with parameters as Email Id, Mobile No. & Password.
  • Login to RioCrypt with Email Id as Username & Password.
  • Browse the videos in RioCrypt & Click on Encrypt.
  • If you want to add the videos in Existing Product, select that product or else click on “Create New” menu.
  • Select All Parameters for New Product.
  • Save the encrypted files to Destination folder.
Your account with RioCrypt (New User)

New User Registration

  • After clicking on Register button in RioCrypt, it redirects to the browser.
  • Enter all the details on this page.
  • Click on Sign Up button. It will send the mail to that registered mail id.
  • User needs to activate that account.

Your account with RioCrypt (Existing User)

Existing User (Login)

  • If you are existing user you can login with your credentials.
  • Your username is your email ID and your password is “your entered password while new user registration”.
How to Encrypt the Videos
  • Click on “Add” button. It will open the dialog to browse the original videos.
  • It will only support MP3, MP4, M4V files, other files will not be Supported.
  • After browsing the videos, it will show video list in the left panel as below. Click on “Encrypt Files” button.

Add to Existing Product

  • If user wants to publish the encrypted files in as existing product Ex. DT 2018, then select “DT 2018” in the product list & click on Publish button.
  • Now select the destination folder.
  • It will start publishing those videos.
Create New Product Step I
  • Here are some parameters on the “Create New” page.
  • Enter the Desired Product name in the field.
  • Enter the product description.
  • Views: Select the views from the dropdown as desired. Here Views means “the count defined as how many times the user can open & close the same video.” Here I selects as 50. Means user can open the particular video 50 times.
  • Watch Time: Select the Watch Time for the video. This decides the limited length of the video which user can see. Ex. 1.8 times, the user can see the video at time length limited at 1.8 times the original length.

Create New Product Step II

  • Validity in Days: Select the validity of the product, it limits the usage date from the registration up to the selected validity. User can select the validity for 1 day to Unlimited, splits in months.
  • Here, enter the Faculty name, description, Email Id & Mobile No.
  • Allow Second Screen: If user wants to give the functionality of the “Dual Display” for the RioPlay user, then he has to click on the checkbox in front of “Allow second screen”. Here, the RioPlay user can play the videos using the second Screen using the HDMI cable also.
  • Now, user has to select the Destination path for the “Published files”. Now click on “Browse Publish Folder” & select the desired path.
  • Click on Publish Button, it will Encrypt the videos.
Encryption Completed & .rio files

After encryption done, the videos can be open in the RioPlay by double clicking the .rio file if the RioPlay is installed on that computer.

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