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About RioCloud
  • You can generate the serial keys for the already encrypted products.
  • But make sure that you need to remember your Username and Password for Login on RioCloud.
  • You have to Sign Up from the RioCrypt Application. (For sign up guidance, please refer RioCrypt user guide.)

How it works ?

  • Sign up from RioCrypt application
  • Login into RioCloud with Email Id as username & Password.
  • Click on Serial Keys Menu & in that click on “Generate Serial Keys” button. Generate keys with all parameters according to user.
  • Circulate these serial keys to users.
  • User have to enter this serial key in RioPlay application while activation of Product.
  • You can get the activations information in Activation History Section.
  • You can also get the usage history in Video Analytics section.
Your account with RioCloud

New User Registration

  • After clicking on Register button in RioCrypt, it redirects to the browser.
  • Enter all the details on this page.
  • Click on Sign Up button. It will send the mail to that registered mail id.
  • User needs to activate that account.

Your account with RioCloud

Existing User

  • After clicking it will redirects to the Login Page.
  • Enter your Email Id as Username & password.
Dashboard- After Login
  • After successful Login, you will be redirected to your Dashboard,Where you can check your products, Serial keys, Activations, who all are your subscribers, Analytics and your account information.
  • Click on Workspace to view various details.

Credit Configuration

  • In Wallet section, you will see the credit configuration section,which shows how your credits are deducted after generation of serial keys, all parameters of that product are taking into consideration, such as size of that product in GB. If 0 to 1 GB, then deducts 1 credit.
  • If product size in between 1 to 10 GB then deducts 2 credits & so on...
Credit Statement & Consumption

In Credit Statement & consumption sections, you will see the log of credit consumed & credits added on the particular date,also shows the remaining balance amount.

Products Section
  • This section will display all the products created by you.
  • It allows you to edit product details and view all the details related to that product.
  • All the products created by you from RioCrypt will be visible in this section.
Product Items Section
  • It shows the product items, means the details about the videos of that created product, such as video name, its duration etc.
  • Also it has feature that user can “Request for Delete” the product items from the product to the Admin user.

Product Analytics Section

  • Here, this section shows the details about the serial keys generated for that product, required credits for that product, number of activations & activated users.
  • Also it shows top 5 lectures seen by the users for the particular product.
Serial Keys Section1
  • Click on the “Generate Serial Keys” button. A  new dialog will open.
  • Enter the desired no. of quantities of serial keys.
  • Select the desired product.
  • After that, all parameter regarding to product are get selected automatically.
  • Access Status: If you selects All as Access status then that student can watch all videos in that product or “Selected” then student can watch selected videos.

Serial Keys Section 2

  • Now you can select the desired videos from that product so student can have access to only those videos while watching.
  • Allowed Devices: Here, you can select the desired device to allow for student to play the videos. In case if you select the Allowed Devices as “Only Windows” then that student can play the videos only on Windows Desktop / Laptop.
  • Total Allowed Duration: Here, you can enter the total allowed duration for that student. Means if you enter Total  Allowed Duration as 20 then that student can view 20 hours of that product, including all allowed videos.
  • Allow Second Screen: If you want to give the permission to allow the user to watch videos on Second Screen via HDMI cable / VGA Cable, select the checkbox in front of “Allow Second Screen”.
Serial Keys Analytics

In this section, user can see the serial key analytics as number of serial keys generated per product, credits consumed & the name of the user generated by.

Subscribers Section

In this section, user can see the list of activated subscribers / users of his own products from RioPlay.

Also can download this list into excel sheet.

Activation History Section
  • In this section, user can see the list of activation done by the subscribers from RioPlay till the date of all products.
  • Also can apply the date range filters & product filter, to download the limited data.

Video Analytics & Product Usage

In this section, user can see the list of Video analytics & Product usage of every subscriber which is already synced to the cloud application from RioPlay

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