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You are at right place if

  • You have digital content like videos which you want to distribute to users.
  • You are concerned about piracy, video getting copied and eventually losing on IP or revenue.
  • You want to scale up with digital mode of teaching.
  • You wish to encrypt your content and distribute securely to only authorized users.

RioPlay Family


  • It encrypts our content
  • Windows based desktop application


  • It is controller to provide access to right users
  • Cloud based application


  • It is for users to play content securely
  • Windows based and Android based

How it works

Organize your videos (in a folder)

Encrypt with RioCrypt (Detailed user guide on https://www.rioplay.in/how-tos/how-to-encrypt )

Create Serial Keys on RioCloud (Detailed user guide on https://www.rioplay.in/how-tos/how-to-use-riocloud )

Give Encrypted content to User along with RioPlay Encrypted Videos

RioPlay can run on Windows and Android

RioPlay Windows or Android (Detailed User Guide on https://www.rioplay.in/how-tos/how-to-play-windows )

Activation in either Windows or Android App

Play the encrypted videos with RioPlay Windows or Android

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