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What you get from Online Exam solution

Our Online Examination System helps you conduct Online multiple choice Exams or Theory-based exams effortlessly with faster results and 100% accuracy. This online test software is useful for tutors, institutes, coaching centers & recruiters as it empowers them to-

  • Conduct Complete Online MCQ Exams - From paper generation to correction to result declaration everything is done by the software..
  • Conduct Semi-automated Online Theory -Based Exams where students can upload the handwritten paper by using any camera and then teachers can check it online. The result is kept aromatically at one place without any manual data filling and can be published online. .
  • Create your own customize question bank or use the inbuilt question bank.
  • Design tailor-made system-generated paper where you can choose the difficulty level too.
  • Quick real-time report generation.
  • Progress & Performance analysis report to track the improvement areas of your students.


MCQ Exams

Set up multiple choice question paper where single or multiple options can be correct.

Performance Analysis Report

Teachers can generate performance analysis reports to keep a track of the student’s pain points and progress.

Cloud-Based Software

Easy to use. No need to install any software everything is done online which provides you hassle-free and quick operations.

Proctoring Feature

We ensure total cheating prevention. our powerful features deter candidates from cheating in an online exam or assessment. We capture images and videos of candidates during the exam which prevent them from cheating.

Question Bank

Create your own question bank and generate as many exams as you want.

Strongest security

Exams are end-to-end encrypted so no one can record them, download them, or capture them through screenshots. Your valuable content is fully safe from any kind of digital theft.

Theory Exam

A semi-automated process where students can upload the paper or assignment using any camera and teachers can check it online and publish the results. Student can also check their result and paper online to gauge where they are lacking and what feedback has been given.

Question Bank Market Place

Institutes can sell their question paper to others. Other Institutes cannot modify or change the question bank they can only use the question bank to generate the exam that too for a limited period of time. The Institute that first created the question bank will become the owner of it and when they sell it other institutes to generate paper under their own brand. (coming soon...)

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