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What Is RioPlay ?

A one stop solution for all your -

  • Pre-recorded classes Via Pendrive /Google Drive
  • Pre-recorded classes Via VOD (Like OTT platform)
  • Online MCQ exams and Theory Exams
  • Live online classes

Rioplay is an online learning management system Known for providing strong video,audio,Html file and PDF file encryption and piracy protection. Popularly used by Universities,Coaching Classes and Tutors.

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Software To Encrypt Pre-recorded Content

Distribute your pre-recorded encrypted course securely Via pendrive,google drive or blob storage(Amazon S3)

Pre-recorded VoD(OTT) Software

Distribute your pre-recorded encrypted course securely Via VoD similar to OTT platform

exam software
Online Exam Software

Take online MCQ and Theory exam to digitize your assessment

Live Virtual Classes Software

Take live virtual classes with strong encryption and piracy protection by Rioplay


Encryption & Piracy Protection

  • Strong Encryption
  • Screen Capture Protection
  • Single Device Restriction
  • Water Marking
  • IP Address Tracking
  • Validity,Views Restriction

Delivery Modes

  • Pre-recorded Content distribute Via Pendrive/Google Drive
  • Pre-recorded Content Via VOD
  • Live Streaming

Supported File Types

  • Video
  • Audio
  • PDF file
  • Interactive HTML

Work on Various Platform

  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Mac

Exams and Assessments

  • Online Theory Paper and MCQ
  • Set Your Own Paper
  • Control the difficulty level
  • Access to Question bank
  • Online Exams
  • On Screen Evaluation

Strong Technical Support

  • Direct Technical support to end user
  • Support Via Email,Chat
  • Request A Call Back Feature
  • 365 Days Of Support
  • 24*7 BOT Based Support
    (Coming Soon...)

Analytics and Reports

Analytics To Publisher
  • Geographical Product Distribution Analysis
  • Course and Subscriber Details
  • Most Viewed Content

Analytics To Subscriber
  • Course Completion Status
  • Exam Performance


  • Integration With E-commerce
  • Server and Storage Management
  • Consultancy For Creation of Video
  • Access to Partner Network For--Recording,Data Digitization

Why RioPlay ?

Powerful Product

A strong and secured software to securely distribute your digital content.

Customer Centric and Easy to Use

Rioplay is customer friendly with a simple user interface .

Competitive and Challenging Pricing

The prices are affordable and the best in the market.

Complete Technical Support

Constant 12-hour technical support for all 7 days of the weekly.

E-commerce website
E-commerce Integration

API support for easy integration with your E-commerce site and automate the processes.

Business trends and Insights

Stay updated with your industry trends .

Our Plans

Pay as You Go
  • Flexible credit system
  • Pay only for usages
  • No Capital investment
  • No Charge For updates and upgrades
  • SAAS model for hassle free system
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Custom Plan
  • Get Rioplay in your brand
  • Pay only for customization
  • Flexible credit System
  • Create custom plan as per your requirement
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