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Live Virtual Classes


What you get from Live Virtual Classes Solution

Our virtual classroom software is designed to set up your live online classes & video conferencing without a hitch. This software is widely used by educators, institutes, training centers & organizations.
This allows you to take remote classes and reach students anywhere around the globe giving them the experience of real room classes. During the class, students can raise their hands, put queries in the chatbox, send audio queries, or can also interact with tutors on a real-time basis.
The best part is these live classes are strongly encrypted so during the session no one can record or screenshot the ongoing class so your valuable content is safe from any kind of theft. Only you have the power to record the live session and if anyone missed out on the class then you can share the encrypted recorded lesson with the students so that they can catch up on the missing session but still can not share or download it.


low latency
Live with low latency

With Rioplay, the live classes turnaround time is less than 1-2 seconds therefore the speed is always at its best. Providing the best experience for your students.

Text-based chat

Chat live with the tutor or fellow students or peers. Just type your query in the text box and instantly get connected within the classroom.

Audio Query

Students can record the audio and can share it with their tutor or peers. This gives the feeling of real classroom interaction.

Integration with OBS

OBS/RTMP -Open broadcasting -telecast with their system RTMP.

Scalable to Increase number of students

Rioplay's server is capable to incorporate an increasing number of students in the lecture and will connect to them at the same quick speed.

Adaptive bitrate

If the teacher has a good internet connection but the student does not, then the software will scale the speed up and down to avoid buffering.

Security Features

Strong encryption of your live classes & notes shared within it so no one record, download, or screen capture the ongoing class.

Conference asset & log

Rioplay maintains a tutoring log with the necessary details of the class timings, number of lectures taken and when are they taken.

Conference connection log

Rioplay gives a per day log of which student or user connected when and for how many hours via Rioplay.

Record live lectures

Only the tutor is allowed to record the live lecture using the Rioplay software and then they can sell it or redistribute it with his students

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