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Pre-recorded Courses Via Pendrive,Google Drive,VoD(OTT)

Pre-recorded Courses

Sell or distribute your video lectures through Pendrive,Google Drive or VOD platform using Rioplay -The strongest Video/PDF/Audio encryption software that protects your content from any kind of piracy and allows your students to learn from anywhere at anytime.

Pre-recorded on Pendrive /Gooogle Drive

Pendrive/Google Drive Classes Software

Rioplay is the strongest content-encryption software designed especially for tutors, Institutes & Training houses to protect their Video, Audio, HTML & PDF data against any kind of piracy & digital theft. Now distribute your pre-recorded lectures through Pendrive or Google Drive using Rioplay and take control of your data without the fear of getting your content copied or re-distributed by unauthorized users. Teach with ease & reach million of students in the most secure way.

Teach with pre-recorded Video in Easy Steps
  • Record Your Video/Audio Lectures Or Create PDF/HTML notes.
  • Encrypt content using RioPlay.
  • Sell your video lectures & study material through Pendrive or Google Drive to your students.
  • Reach millions of students without the fear of getting your content copied and redistribute.
  • Create your online presence.

video on demand

Video on demand (VOD) Classes

Set up your own VOD platform similar to YouTube but with your own server and stronger data security features. The video that you upload on this platform is fully encrypted and can’t be downloaded or recorded using any internet plugin or software. The video lectures are played using Rioplay a complete secure video hosting solution, which also requires a continuous internet connection.

Teach with Video on demand(VOD) in Easy Steps
  • Record Your Video/Audio Lectures Or Create PDF notes
  • Encrypt content using RioPlay
  • Upload it on the VOD Platform
  • Share the access with your Viewers- they can watch the video but can not download, record, screen capture, or share it.
  • Create your online presence.


Strong Encryption

All the videos, audios and pdf are strongly encrypted so the data cannot be intercepted.

Single screen restriction

The student can watch the content on one particular screen and cannot project the data via any mode.

Screen Captures Protection

The screen cannot be shared or printed as to avoid data duplication or sharing.

Watch Time

The video or audio can be repeated for better understanding of the student but the tutor can decide the number of times it can be repeated.


Product validity can be set by the tutors only.

View/Open Restriction

The tutor can control the number of times that the student can view their lecture or other data.

Total Course Duration Restriction

The tutors are enable of setting a time limit to the product duration like the number of hours they want their product to be active.

Water Marking

Some security key set as watermark on the data. This helps us track if someone has recorded and shared content without tutors permission.

Virtual Machine Protection

In Linux & Mac they have option to virtually create windows and then watch the lecture or videos whereas Rioplay will not play lectures if it is running under his virtual operating system.


Rioplay provides detailed analytics of each student, including what time the video was watched, for how long and from which geographical zone. Both, teachers and students can view this data.

Allow Specific Content

The tutor can give particular content access to students as per requirement.

Technical Support

Email, Chat, Request a Call Back, Knowledge Base Support Rioplay provides instant technical support to their customers with a high quality service with a quick & prompt support.

Multi Platform

Windows, Android, Linux, MAC Rioplay is freely operated on windows, ios, mac or android.

Proctoring - Camera Monitoring Camera Monitoring

The tutor can use the camera monitoring option to make sure that not more than one student is watching the video and the student is not trying to copy the data is any other way.

Multi Bit Rate (Only for VoD)

If the student does not want HD quality videos for any reason then he can switch to a lower resolution as well.

Doubt Solving

The students can ask their doubts on the platform and the teachers can answer them there itself

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