By Team Antargyan/Feb 1,2021

What’s New in RioPlay2021

We at Antargyan are thrilled to launch the latest version of Rioplay and begin the 2021 with grace and success. Our current version is Rioplay 2.0 and in the past several months we have been receiving various add on feature requests for our software. As you know, Rioplay is an encryption platform that will secure all your videos, audios and pdfs from being copied and will safely deliver them to the intended user. Now, to improve the user experience for our privileged users, we have identified incorporated certain enhancements in our latest version, Rioplay 2021. The new version is easy to install and easy to use. All the required details that the user might need are very easily available on the UI itself. This includes, contact details, number of courses, number of exams available, etc are all very easily available on the interface itself. The user can annotate while studying. This version will help in keeping a track of what has been studied, how has it been studied and add remarks as well. In this version, the student has been given the facility to ask queries while studying. In case, the student is watching a video offline and faces some doubts, he can instantly ask the doubt and the software will redirect it to the faculty or publisher. Our latest version, Rioplay 2021 will have multiple modes of delivery. Earlier it used to work offline and classes were delivered via pen drive, hard drive or cloud. With the new version, we empower the tutors to take live classes securely and no one can record or save the live lecture except for the tutor. In case any of the students can not attend the live class then the classes can reach them in the form of pre-recorded videos via VOD (Video on demand) like an OTT platform. The students need not have to download or save the video to access VOD, only an internet connection is required. This version always supports in app download. If the user is facing internet issues, they can easily download the video on the app itself and watch it easily without any hindrance. Earlier, Rioplay was only accessible to android and windows users but now it has expanded the new version to IOS and Mac as well. This will let the classes reach maximum students across the globe. Our new version will see an update and better algorithm of encryption and new features of piracy protection. You can install the camera surveillance feature which will let you take images and videos of the user watching the video and it will be stored on server for future reference. We will be adding some image processing algorithm which can detect any ongoing piracy activities as well. A better watermark facility has been provided in which you can choose how do you want to water mark the video and if you want to add your name, contact number, IP address or email address on the same. So, in case anyone tried to copy the video with external device, you can easily get the information of who has done so. We have been able to support a feature on Rioplay 2021 which will give the teachers a detailed analysis of their course. It will let them understand the number of people that are watching the course, the cost incurred in distributing the course, etc. With the help of these analytics, they can create a better strategy for their course and keep improving. This is great for business enhancement and reach maximum people. Another great facility with Rioplay 2021 is an instant technical support. Any technical issue that might be faced will be stipulated within the given time and we will share all the related details with our users regarding the issue and all other details required. We want our users to focus on their expertise of teaching while we take care of other hassles like technical glitch, etc. We are also coming up with API support which will let you integrate Rioplay with your e-commerce system or learning management system in which if a user purchases a course, the access can be given to them instantly. This will help in improving the user experience and reach maximum number of people. Last but not the least, Rioplay 2021 comes at a lower cost. Earlier the charges were based on the size of the product but now it will be charged based on size as well as the validity of the product. Which means, lower the validity of the product, lower the cost. We hope you enjoy our new version, Rioplay 2021 and show more love!