By Team Antargyan/Feb 1,2021

Why Should Teachers Secure Their Content Online?

With the world moving on the digital track, the teachers and students have come across a lot of opportunities to educate with ease and flexibility. However, as much convenience as digitization has brought along, there are certain banes too. The E-learning factor has helped the teachers in establishing an online education business by reaching the maximum number of students in a given time. But along with this opportunity arises a concern for “content security”. The internet has a tendency of being misused for several selfish reasons and content piracy is one amongst them. It is very crucial to protect your valuable content online. This is necessary so that your efforts are not wasted and no one is able to duplicate the content created specifically by you. Once the content is uploaded online for the educators, there are certain ways in which the student can pirate you content. The ways can be: Download and share the content publicly without the creator’s permission. The login credentials of the student can be shared and several non-registered students can access the content The content can be screen-captured. However, along with the problems, the latest technology has given us a way to tackle these problems as well. There are software’s that can help the teachers, tutors and institutes and other educators to teach the students online while experiencing a 100% protection of their content. The encryption software is the ones which allow you to teach online in several ways like the pre-recorded lectures, live online classroom, pdf’s etc and at the same time protect the video, audio and pdf format from any form of malpractice like downloading without permission, unaccountable access and screen shots. RioPlay is known to be the best video encryption software for educators and one must try it to experience a smooth and safe online teaching experience.